Applications in

Aeronautical Engineering
Automobile Engineering
Bio Medical Engineering
Bio – Technology
Chemical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Computer Science and Communication Engineering
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Robotics and Automation


In Association with

Graph Theory
Information Theory
Mathematical Modeling
Linear and non-linear Programming
Matrix Theory
Modeling and Simulation
Neural Networks
Numerical Analysis
Operations Research
Representation Theory
Stochastic Process

          1. Future strategies development in application of Mathematics in various fields of Engineering and Technology

          2. New directions in the discussion of applying innovative methods.

          3. Identifying the practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted in the field of Mathematics


National Conference on Emerging trends in Mathematics & Application in Engineering and Technology (NCETMAET – 2018) is aimed to bring researchers and professionals to discuss recent development in both theoretical and applied mathematics and to create a professional knowledge exchange platform between mathematics and engineers. The primary goal is to provide direction for future research and development by identifying key problems and their solutions. This conference also shows a new direction among the research communities across the nation to discuss the most recent innovations, practical challenges encountered and the solutions adopted on the proposed conference theme. Also, it provides an opportunity for the young researchers and students to know about the processing of new materials and their applications in the modern society. The inspiring lectures of this conference throw some novel ideas to the research society of our nation.

Applied Functional Analysis
Applied Statistics
Complex Networks
Control Theory
Difference Equations
Discrete Mathematics
Discrete Geometry
Dynamical Systems
Financial Mathematics
Fuzzy Sets and Logic
Game Theory


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